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As Editor-in-chief I would like to thank all of our editors and reviewers for their continued support of the Veterinary Evidence journal and their diligence in meeting demanding timelines. Their knowledge, expertise and insights are duly acknowledged and highly valued. All reviewers who have taken the time to review for Veterinary Evidence are listed in the full text.

In the coming year we hope to develop a new approach and construct for the recognition and delivery of important information needs. This will take the form of a condition specific decision support algorithm with links to Knowledge Summaries providing the best current evidence. We also intend to publish a series of papers from targeted invited authors to highlight important areas of evidence-based practice including patient safety, quality improvement, business and workplace learning. We have also launched a Knowledge Summary competition for students studying veterinary medicine, veterinary nursing and veterinary bio-science, so that we may engage with the next generation of practice professionals.

I look forward to a challenging and innovative new year with your continued support.

Thank you to all who have contributed.


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