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The work of a reviewer is a challenging commitment. There are no monetary rewards and their time and dedication often go unrecognised although no journal could exist without them. All scientific journals have an enormous responsibility in ensuring the papers that it publishers reflect the accepted principles and methods of scientific research. Their impact as gate keepers of scientific validity and good communication is immense and critical to ensure misleading information is not propagated, whether it be either in ignorance or in error.

The bridge between science and clinical practice is hastened and shortened by the practice of evidence-based veterinary medicine. An important aim of this journal is to provide Knowledge Summaries for important questions that support decision making in clinical practice. These papers provide an important conduit of knowledge from science into practice. The immediacy of the adoption and propagation of new knowledge into practice increases the responsibility both of the authors and the reviewers.

As Editor-in-chief I would like to thank all the reviewers listed below for their support of the new journal and their diligence in meeting demanding timelines. Their knowledge, expertise and insights are duly acknowledged and highly valued. 

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