Guidelines for authors

It is free to publish in and read Veterinary Evidence. There are no submission fees or article processing charges (APCs). Accepted articles are published open access immediately upon publication.

Please see below for information and guidance on how to write and submit your paper.

For information on the Journal's policies please see our Editorial policies page.

Guidelines for authors PDF

  1. Beginning the writing process
    1. Aims and scope
    2. Submission templates
    3. Reporting guidelines
  2. How to write a knowledge summary
    1. What is a knowledge summary?
    2. What if there is insufficient evidence to answer my clinical question?
    3. How can I get started with writing a Knowledge Summary?
    4. 6 steps to writing a knowledge summary
    5. Guidance for writing the clinical bottom line
    6. Knowledge summary handbook
    7. EBVM learning tutorial
    8. EBVM toolkit
  3. Preparing your submission
    1. Title
    2. Authorship criteria
    3. Adding, removing or changing the author order
    4. Images and copyright
    5. Ethical responsibilities of authors
    6. ORCID
    7. Conflict of interest
    8. Open access policy
    9. Copyright and author's rights
    10. Self-archiving policy 
    11. Publication fees
    12. Data sharing
    13. Editorial policies
  4. 9 tips to increase the impact and discoverability of your paper
  5. Submitting your paper
    1. Submission system
    2. Submission checklist
    3. Withdrawing a paper
  6. Editorial process
    1. Post submission 
    2. Revisions required 
    3. Acceptance 
    4. Rejection 
    5. Before publication 
  7. Peer review guidance for authors
    1. Peer review process
    2. Disagreeing with reviewer comments 
  8. After acceptance
    1. Acceptance 
    2. Before publication
    3. Frequency 
    4. Audio Summaries
  9. 9 tips for promoting your published paper
  10. Editorial policies