How and why were you invited to review a manuscript?


Papers are submitted to Veterinary Evidence via our online submission system, Editorial Manager. All submissions are initially screened by the Editorial Office to ensure they fit within our submission criteria. The Editor-in-Chief will then check each submission to ensure that the paper is within the aims and scope of Veterinary Evidence and is of a quality which warrants being sent out for formal peer review. If papers do not meet this initial quality-control step then these papers are rejected.

Papers are then assigned to an Associate Editor who invites a minimum of two reviewers per paper.

Associate Editors search our pool of registered reviewers based on subject expertise. If you have been invited to review a paper for Veterinary Evidence then you were selected because of one of the following:

  • Our Associate Editors searched our pool of registered reviewers
  • The authors suggested you, and having been independently verified by our Editorial Office, added you to our system and invited.
  • You were found through other means of reviewer identification such as authoring similar articles; via editorial board member contacts; online tools; or were suggested by reviewers who were unable to review