Peer-review process


Manuscripts submitted to Veterinary Evidence undergo an open peer-review process and are sent to a minimum of two reviewers. The names of the reviewers are published alongside the paper with the aim that this will encourage an unbiased and transparent critique of papers. 

The Editor shall ensure that the peer-review process is fair, unbiased, and timely. Reviewers are invited to review only if they have suitable expertise in the relevant field.

Authors can provide names, affiliations and contact details of potential reviewers. Suggested reviewers will be used at the Editor’s discretion, and if their contact details can be verified from an independent source.

All disclosures of potential conflicts of interest made by reviewers are reviewed by the Editor in order to determine whether there is any potential for bias. 

Peer reviewers

Peer reviewers provide their comments via our open source article submission system, OJS. We ask that peer reviewers remain objective and constructive when providing their review and ensure they are aware that the peer-review process is open and that their names will be available online alongside the published paper.   

For further information please see our Guidelines for reviewers


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