Making your recommendation


Alongside your review you are also asked to provide a recommendation, this consists of choosing accept, minor revision, major revision or reject. Please see the below guidance in choosing the right recommendation for your review.


The manuscript is at a suitable standard for publication in Veterinary Evidence. It is very unusual to accept a paper without the need for a revision.

Minor revision

A minor revision decision is appropriate if a manuscript is well written but needs clarification and minor changes in areas such as phrasing, clarity of figures, small additions or removals, accuracy of referencing, manuscript formatting.

Major revision

A major decision is appropriate if you feel a manuscript brings value and has potential to be brought up to a publishable standard, but needs substantive work. Such a revision may include thorough restructuring of the manuscript, extensive language editing, extensive revision of arguments or interpretation.


A reject decision is appropriate if a manuscript is well below publication standards that cannot be raised by a comprehensive revision:

  • Has fatal flaws in the methodology
  • Adds nothing to the existing literature
  • Insufficient impact
  • Out of scope/Inappropriate for the journal’s audience