Erratum to: Does the use of supraglottic device in rabbits cause less injury than other airway management devices?

  • Jasmine Gheini University of Sydney
  • Sanaa Zaki University of Sydney



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The original article was published in Veterinary Evidence Vol 7, Issue 4 (2022):


Unfortunately the original version of the article was missing the following statement.

This Knowledge Summary has reviewed the available evidence on the use of a SGAD (v-gel®) in rabbit anaesthesia. Since writing a new design of a single use supraglottic airway device (SGAD) has been introduced; currently there is no published evidence on whether this new device has an impact on the risk of injury.

This error was in both the HTML and PDF versions. This has now been updated in both the HTML and PDF versions, and can be found in the clinical bottom line and the evidence section.