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There is an erratum to this paper published in Veterinary Evidence Vol 5, Issue 4 (2020): 10.18849/VE.V5I4.437

PICO question

In canine acute diarrhoea with no identifiable cause, does a daily probiotic supplement in diet, compared to no probiotic supplement, provide better clinical outcomes?

Clinical bottom line

Five placebo-controlled trials suggested a daily oral probiotic supplement provides better clinical outcomes to dogs that have acute diarrhoea (present < 14 days) without an identifiable cause. However, the strength of the evidence is limited and there is uncertainty around the clinical relevance of the studies to some of the outcomes. The probiotic agents, dose, dosing interval, the feeding methods, diets and the duration of treatment were varied in these studies. These variations can lead to different clinical outcomes.

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