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Does the Use of Intratesticular Blocks in Cats Undergoing Orchiectomies Serve as an Effective Adjunctive Analgesic?

Erik Fausak, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Anna Elizabeth Simle, Netwarat Merman, Dakota Cook

Published:  19/10/2018    in:  Knowledge Summaries
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PICO question

In cats undergoing orchiectomy, does the use of intratesticular lidocaine reduce the pain in patients compared to not using intratesticular lidocaine?

Clinical bottom line

With a low grade of evidence, when compared to a pre-medication with pure-µ agonist opioids, intratesticular lidocaine does not appear to provide significant benefit.  However, based on our clinical scenario where pre-medication is with a partial-µ opioid like buprenorphine, there may be benefit in utilising intratesticular lidocaine.

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