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  1. Answered: In horses with superficial digital tendonitis is bandaging and rest compared to rest alone more effective at promoting healing?
  2. Being answered: In horses with heel bulb lacerations, does casting the distal limb compared to bandaging result in faster healing?
  3. Answer me: In horses are breast-strap harnesses more effective than breast-collar straps in preventing wounds?
  4. Being answered: In lame horses affected by osteoarthritis of the distal tarsal joints (bone spavin), are bisphosphonates more effective than NSAIDs in long-term alleviation of lameness?
  5. Being answered: In horses that are lame due to osteoarthritis of the distal tarsal joints (bone spavin), is intra-articular medication with corticosteroids compared to systemic bisphosphonate treatment more effective in long-term lameness reduction?
  6. Answered: In three day event horses, does biannual routine influenza vaccination compared to annual routine influenza vaccination reduce performance levels?
  7. Answered: Is removal of proximo-plantar osteochondral fragments necessary in young Thoroughbreds?
  8. Being answered: In adult horses with superficial digital flexor tendonitis, does icing the leg in addition to non-steoidal anti-inflammatory therapy compared to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory treatment alone speed the healing process?
  9. Being answered: In adult horses is vaccination verses biosecurity more effective in the long term control of equine strangles?
  10. Being answered: In horses with arthritis, does the treatment with intra-articular anti-microbials concurrently with intra-articular corticusteroids reduce the risk of sepsis compared to intra-articular cortico-steroids alone?
  11. Answered: In Adult Horses With Septic Peritonitis, Does Peritoneal Lavage Combined With Antibiotic Therapy Compared to Antibiotic Therapy Alone Improve Survival Rates?
  12. Answered: In horses with chronic laminitis, do venograms compared to plain radiographs give greater diagnostic or prognostic information?
  13. Being answered: In horses with allergen-related Recurrent Airway Obstruction (RAO), is immunotherapy compared to environmental reduction of allergen exposure more effective in disease modification?
  14. Answered: In Broodmares with post-service endometritis, is antibiotic intervention with other routine therapies superior to other routine therapies without antibiotic intervention in increasing pregnancy rate?
  15. Answer me: In three day event horses, do bit seats compared to no bit seats improve performance?
  16. Answer me: In Broodmares with Klebsiella-positive clitoral swabs, are antibiotics more effective than transfaunation as measured by resolution of colonisation?
  17. Answered: In horses with longitudinal tears of the deep digital flexor tendon, is surgical repair as effective as tenoscopic debridement alone for returning to previous level of performance?
  18. Answered: Do modern, oral/minimally invasive cheek tooth extraction techniques reduce the incidence of post-operative complications in the horse when compared to traditional repulsion methods?
  19. Being answered: In horses with arthritis, does the treatment with intra-articular anti-microbials concurrently with intra-articular corticusteroids reduce the risk of sepsis compared to intra-articular cortico-steroids alone?
  20. Answered: No Evidence That Therapeutic Systemic Corticosteroid Administration is Associated With Laminitis in Adult horses Without Underlying Endocrine or Severe Systemic Disease
  21. Answered: Evidence supporting intralesional stem cell therapy to improve equine flexor tendon healing
  22. Answered: In an adult horse with severe asthma (RAO) does using inhaled corticosteroids result in an equal improvement in clinical signs when compared to systemic corticosteroids?
  23. Being Answered: Can Hoof Wall Temperature And Digital Pulse Pressure Be Used As Sensitive Non-Invasive Diagnostic Indicators Of Acute Laminitis Onset?
  24. Being Answered: In mares with placentitis does treatment with long term antibiotics result in improved outcome when compared to short course pulse antibiotic therapy of 7 to 14 days?
  25. Being Answered: In equids affected by acute laminitis, does continuous digital hypotermia of the lower limbs and supportive treatment improve clinical outcome compared to supportive treatment alone?
  26. Being Answered: In horses receiving allogenic blood transfusions, does receiving a cross-match and blood type compatible transfusion as compared to receiving a cross-match and blood type incompatible transfusion increase the survival time of erythrocytes and/or reduce the incidence of transfusion reactions?
  27. Being Answered: In acute colic admissions, can measuring serum amyloid A concentration compared to other acute phase proteins more accurately differentiate between medical and surgical cases?
  28. Being Answered: In horses with osteoarthritis, is mesenchymal stem cell therapy more effective at managing lameness than intra-articular corticosteroids?