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  1. Being answered: In dogs with cervical pain, are glucocorticoids superior to NSAIDs in providing analgesia?
  2. Being answered: In dogs in status epilepticus, does application of benzodiazepines affect the prognosis as measured by mortality rate, when compared to post-seizure monitoring (may need example) alone?
  3. Answered: In Dogs With a European Adder Bite, Does the Use of Antivenom With Supportive Treatment Compared to Supportive Treatment Alone Improve Time to Recovery?
  4. Being answered: In dogs with visceral pain, is Butorphanol more effective than Buprenorphine or Hydromorphone in providing analgesia?
  5. Being answered: In dogs with infectious tracheobronchitis, does antibiotic therapy decrease time to resolution of clinical signs, when compared to antimicrobial chemotherapy?
  6. Answered: Does Adding Transdermal Nitroglycerine to Other Therapies Used for Management of Left-sided Congestive Heart Failure in Dogs Speed the Resolution of Clinical Signs?
  7. Being answered: In dogs with Methaldehyde intoxications, are benzodiazepines (such as diazepam or midazolam) more effective than Methocarbamol in reducing the severity and frequency of seizures?
  8. Answer me: In dogs that have swallowed a sharp foreign body, is endoscopy effective in removing the object, in comparison to surgery?
  9. Answer me: In dogs with permethrin intoxication is Intralipid IVLE therapy or ClinOleic IVLE therapy more effective in reducing time to recovery?
  10. Being answered:In dogs with an adder bite, does antibiotic intervention reduce the incidence of wound infection, when compared to no antibiotic intervention?
  11. Being answered: In dogs with an adder bite, does the use of Penicillin (eg. Amoxicillin and Clavulanate) reduce the incidence of wound infection, when compared to cephalosporins?
  12. Being answered: In male dogs does early castration (<1 year) when compared to unneutered dogs result in increased fearful and anxious behaviour?
  13. Answer me: In dogs with distended anal glands does expressing glands versus not expressing glands reduce impaction and infection?
  14. Being answered: In dogs, is neutering pre-puberty superior to neutering post-puberty, in improving behaviour
  15. Being answered: In surgically managing unilateral cranial cruciate ligament disease in dogs weighing over 15kg, does the tibial tuberosity advancement (TTA) technique lead to better long-term functional outcome than the lateral fabellar suture (LFS) technique?
  16. Answer me: In dogs with a cruciate tear is medical treatment as effective as surgery in reducing time to recovery?
  17. Answer me: In dogs with a cutaneous mass does surgery or non surgical treatment give a better quality of life? 
  18. Answered: In dogs with periodontal disease is feeding a complete raw meat diet more effective than a complete kibble 'dental' diet at reducing periodontal disease? 
  19. Being answered: In dogs with arthritis are prescription NSAIDs more effective than aspirin in reducing clinical signs? 
  20. Answer me: In dogs, does removing half the gland under local (Surgical removal of half of the mass of the tear glands of the nictitating membrane) increase the risk of subsequent dry eye?
  21. Answer me: In dogs with diarrhoea is metronidazole or bismuth subsalicylate more effective in reducing diarrhoea frequency and improving fecal score?
  22. Answer me: In dogs with hairy ear canals e g poodles does plucking or not plucking reduce the risk of bacterial infection /chronic otitis?
  23. Answer me: In dogs with blood in faeces does treatment with amoxicillin clavulanate versus no treatment reduce the number of clinical cases progressing to sepsis?
  24. Being answered: In dogs with gingivitis does daily brushing with human (gingivitis specific) toothpaste, compared to regular canine toothpaste, reduce clinical signs?
  25. Being answered: In dogs with arthritis which gives the greatest improvement in pain scores - controlled exercise OR weight loss?
  26. Answer me: In dogs with IBD-related diarrhoea is Budesonide more effective than prednisone in improving fecal score?
  27. Answer me: Do obese dogs make up a larger percentage of the veterinary caseload than lean dogs?
  28. Answer me: In dogs with acute tracheobronchitis does treatment with theophylline versus TMPS lead to a shorter time to cessation of coughing?
  29. Being answered: In canine fractures, is low level laser more effective than low-intensity pulsed ultrasound in improving radiographic bone healing time?
  30. Answered: In adult dogs, does feeding a raw food diet alter urine composition compared to a kibble diet?
  31. Answered: In dogs with traumatic elbow luxation, does closed reduction and conservative management result in a better outcome than open reduction and surgical management?
  32. Being answered: Does teeth brushing and it's varying frequency reduce risk of periodontal disease in dogs?
  33. Being answered: In bitches, does spaying before 6 months of age compared to spaying at 6 months of age or older, increase the risk of cranial cruciate ligament rupture during their life?
  34. Being answered: In dogs with intervertebral disc disease, are nsaids a risk factor for developing gastritis?
  35. Being answered: In adult dogs, does feeding a homemade balanced diet improve the stool quality compared to feeding a commercial maintenance diet?
  36. Being answered: Are dogs with hairy ear canals compared to non hairy ear canals more likely to suffer from otitis externa?
  37. Being answered: In birthing bitches undergoing a caesarean does premedication with methadone compared to post procedural analgesic negatively affect suckling behaviour?
  38. Answered: In anxious dogs does the use of pressure vests compared to no pressure vests reduce the signs of anxiety/fear?
  39. Being answered: In dogs with generalised demodicosis, are isoxazolines as effective as a combined formulation of imidacloprid and moxidectin at reducing the severity of associated clinical signs?
  40. Being answered: Do dogs undergoing routine dental work under the same general anaesthetic as neutering incur more complications that dogs only being neutered?
  41. Being answered: In dogs with hemorrhagic gastroenteritis are prebiotics alone superior to prebiotics in combination with antibiotics?
  42. Being answered: In stressed dogs  does the use of a Pet Remedy diffuser, compared to not using one, result in lowered levels of stress?
  43. Answered: In dogs suspected of having steroid responsive meningitis-arteritis (SRMA), how long should immunosuppressive monotherapy with steroids be undertaken in order to achieve clinical resolution without relapse of clinical signs?
  44. Answer me: In dogs undergoing neuter surgery does wearing surgical gloves compared to using a hand brush scrub with chlorhexidine reduce the risk of surgical site infections?
  45. Answer me: In dogs is intravenous paracetamol intra and post operatively in abdominal surgery, as effective or better than opioids with respect to Severity of pain (pain score, eating, appetite).
  46. Being answered: In dogs does neutering compared to non-neutering reduce the risk of prostate problems?
  47. Answer me: In Springer Spaniels with Cushings Syndrome does inclusion of NSAIDS in the treatment plan compared to no inclusion of NSAIDS in the treatment plan reduce the frequency of internal haemorrhage
  48. Answer me: In greyhounds with recurring pedal corns, is wedge excision compared to repeatedly extirpating the corn more effective at resolving lameness?
  49. Answer me: In ovariectomised bitches what is the incidence of post-operative uterine pathology 
  50. Answer me: In dogs does neutering increase the risk of orthopaedic conditions when compared to unneutered dogs?
  51. Answer me: What are the odds that chest radiography will identify metastasis at the time of surgery for mammary tumours?
  52. Answer me: Does clipping the coat (reducing hair length) of medium and long coated dogs reduce the impact of heat stress?
  53. Answered: Is an anchoring or pocket technique best for surgical repair of cherry eye in dogs?
  54. Being answered: In dogs and cats undergoing hospitalization, does intermittent flushing with heparinized saline improve peripheral intravenous catheter patency compared with normal saline?
  55. Answered: Is garlic (Allium sativum) efficacious as an anthelmintic to prevent or reduce the intestinal worm burden (species found in the UK) of dogs?
  56. Being answered: In dogs with atopic dermatitis are antihistamines as effective as glucocorticoids at reducing the severity of the clinical signs?
  57. Being answered: Does the use of acupuncture or electroacupuncture in dogs with chronic pain improve pain?
  58. Being answered: In dogs with immune-mediated haemolytic anaemia, is mycophenolate mofetil an effective addition to corticosteroids?
  59. Being answered: In dogs who have undergone surgery for extrahepatic portosystemic shunt, is medical management an effective for treatment of seizures after shunt ligation?
  60. Being answered: In dogs with chronic enteropathy that have hypocobalaminaemia, can oral tablets be used instead of injectable protocols?
  61. Answered: The use of ultrasonography for detection of meniscal damage in dogs.
  62. Being answered: In dogs diagnosed with immune-mediated thrombocytopenia, treatment with which drug therapy results in the shortest hospitalisation period?
  63. Being answered: In dogs that undergo surgical ligation of patent ductus arteriosus (PDA), is there a difference in complication rates when comparing direct and indirect techniques?
  64. Being answered: In dogs over 15kg with cranial cruciate ligament rupture, does treatment with TPLO result in a better outcome than placement of a lateral fabellotibial suture.
  65. Being answered: Is Lactate a Reliable Prognostic Indicator for Dogs Presenting with GDV?
  66. Being answered: In dogs with immune-mediated haemolytic anaemia, is there evidence to support the use of human intravenous immunoglobulin with glucocorticoid therapy compared to glucocorticoids alone?
  67. Being answered: In dogs undergoing enterotomy or enterectomy surgery, does the use of monopolar diathermy to make the intestinal incision increase the risk of dehiscence of the intestinal closure when compared to using a scalpel blade for the same purpose?
  68. Being answered: In clinical areas does the removal of jewellery below the elbow compared to leaving in situ affect?
  69. Being answered: In dogs with a suspected intestinal foreign body, is ultrasonography more sensitive than radiography for the diagnosis of an intestinal mechanical obstruction?
  70. Being answered: In dogs undergoing dental extractions does the use of peri-operative systemic antibiotics compared to no antibiotic use result in fewer post-operative complications?
  71. Being answered: On the evidence behind the use of flow cytometry for providing prognostic information for lymphoma in dogs & cats
  72. Being answered: Dogs that have had  anal sac apocrine gland adenocarcinoma surgically removed, does adjunctive chemotherapy improve median survival time? 
  73. Being answered: Scoping review - MSI shoulder instability
  74. Being answered: In dogs with osteoarthritis, does the use of omega 3 fatty acids, compared to not using them, reduce the severity of the clinical signs associated with the arthritis?
  75. Being answered: In dogs in acute anaphylaxis, does administration of antihistamine improve survival?
  76. Being answered: In dogs in acute anaphylaxis, does administration of steroid improve survival?
  77. Being answered: Is there supportive evidence to use torasemide over furosemide as a first line diuretic in dogs with newly diagnosed congestive heart failure?
  78. Being answered: In healthy dogs undergoing open wound management, does the topical application of honey result in faster rates of wound healing when compared with wounds that were not treated with topical honey?
  79. Being answered: Are puppies fed a raw meat based diet versus a commercially formulated diet at risk of nutrient deficiencies?
  80. Answer me: In bitches which have undergone midline surgical ovaro-hysterectomy, does the use of k-laser accelerate wound healing when compare to not using the k-laser treatment?
  81. Answer me: The appearance of angioedema as a consequence of the appearance of a superior vena cava syndrome in a dog with multicentric lymphoma is a prognostic factor
  82. Answer me: In dogs recovering from elective neutering does feeding a bland diet versus feeding usual diet reduce the incidence of post-operative complications, specifically gastro-intestinal upset?
  83. Answered: In Bitches Diagnosed with Pyometra, is Medical Therapy Using Antibiosis Alone as Effective as Combining Ovariohysterectomy with Antibiosis in Reducing Morbidity and Mortality?
  84. Answered: The Evidence Behind the Treatment of Canine Idiopathic Epilepsy
  85. Answered: The Evidence Behind the Diagnostic Investigation of Canine Idiopathic Epilepsy
  86. Answered: There is No Evidence For or Against the Use of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs to Reduce the Clinical Duration of Kennel Cough (Infectious Tracheobronchitis).
  87. Answered: Is Robenacoxib Superior to Meloxicam in Improving Patient Comfort in Dogs Diagnosed With a Degenerative Joint Process?
  88. Answered: Which is More Effective in Altering the Intra-Gastric pH in Dogs, Omeprazole or Ranitidine?
  89. Answered: No evidence that dogs affected by bicipital tenosynovitis treated surgically with tenotomy or tenodesis of the biceps tendon have a better outcome compared to conservative treated dogs
  90. Answered: Are Old Dogs Who Undergo Total Hip Replacement More Predisposed to Perioperative Femoral Fractures than Young Dogs?
  91. Answered: Are dogs that eat quickly more likely to develop a gastric dilation (+/- volvulus) than dogs that eat slowly?
  92. Answered: Are dogs fed from a raised bowl at an increased risk of gastric dilation volvulus compared with floor-fed dogs?
  93. Answered: Use of Lidocaine in Reducing Post-Operative Tracheitis in Dogs and Cats: A Knowledge Summary
  94. Answered: Are hydrolysed diets an effective means of reducing the gastro-intestinal symptoms in dogs with chronic enteropathy?
  95. Answered: Are dogs fed a dry kibble - based diet more likely to experience an episode of gastric dilatation volvulus than dogs fed an alternative diet?
  96. Answered: In dogs with pyothorax does medical management result in comparable mortality to surgical management?
  97. Answered: Spaying of cats and dogs by laparoscopic ovariectomy may offer a more positive recovery than traditional open surgical methods
  98. Answered: Is alpha-casozepine efficacious at reducing anxiety in dogs?
  99. Answered: In Dοgs That Have Had Intussusception Is Enterοplication Efficient as an Additional Surgical Prοcedure in Preventing Subsequent Recurrence?
  100. Answered: Do palliative steroids prolong survival in dogs with multicentric lymphoma?
  101. Answered: Which sternotomy closure method (orthopaedic wire or suture) is recommended in large breed dogs undergoing a median sternotomy?
  102. Answered: Can cytosine arabinoside with prednisolone treatment for canine meningioencephalitis of unknown origin increase survival rate compared to prednisolone treatment alone?
  103. Answered: In dogs bitten by the European adder (Vipera berus), does treatment with corticosteroids and supportive treatment improve time to recovery compared to supportive treatment alone?
  104. Answered: Does the Use of Intratesticular Blocks in Dogs Undergoing Orchiectomies Serve as an Effective Adjunctive Analgesic?
  105. Answered: Is the use of hypertonic saline effective in reducing intracranial pressure after traumatic brain injury?
  106. Answer me: In dogs that have swallowed a sharp foreign body, is endoscopy effective in removing the object, in comparison to emesis?
  107. Answered: Are dogs fed a dry kibble - based diet more likely to experience an episode of gastric dilatation volvulus than dogs fed an alternative diet?
  108. Being answered: In Adult Dogs, Is Feeding Enzyme-enriched Rawhide Products More Effective at Preventing Periodontal Disease from Developing Than Non-enriched Rawhide Products?
  109. Answer me: In overectomised multiparous bitches what is the incidence of post-operative uterine patholgy
  110. Being answered: In shelter-based dogs, does the use of an oral probiotic supplement, compared to no probiotic supplement, reduce the risk of diarrhoea developing?
  111. Being answered: In dogs with osteoarthritis does oral treatment with turmeric compared to no treatment reduce the severity of the clinical signs?
  112. Answer me: In bitches does neutering versus non-neutering reduce the risk of mammary tumours?
  113. Being answered: In bitches undergoing elective neutering via midline coeliotomy is ovariectomy superior to ovariohysterectomy in terms of anaesthetic duration, incision length and post-operative comfort?
  114. Being answered: In dogs suffering from generalised demodicosis, is treatment with oral sarolaner more effective at resolving clinical signs compared to treatment with topical imidacloprid plus moxidectin?
  115. Answer me: In dogs undergoing abdominal surgery, does the use of pre packaged swaged needles reduce the risk of post operative complications compared to manually threaded needles utilising suture material from a reel?
  116. Answer me: Should spaying bitches be deferred until no residual clinical signs of false pregnancy remain?
  117. Being answered: In dogs with Cushing’s disease that are being treated with triolstane, does pre-trilostane measurement of cortisol levels provide better monitoring than ACTH stimulation tests?
  118. Answer me: Can placement of an artificial urethral sphincter be more effective in resolving urinary incontinence than colposuspension in dogs with refractory urethral sphincter mechanism incompetence?
  119. Being answered: In dogs with a surgical or open wound does low level laser therapy increase the speed of wound contracture and reduce the healing time?
  120. Answer me: In dogs which have undergone surgical castration do cat gut skin sutures cause greater irritation than nylon skin sutures?
  121. Being answered: In dogs undergoing surgical attenuation of congenital extrahepatic portosystemic shunts, does pre-treatment with Levetiracetam reduce the incidence of post-operative seizures
  122. Being answered: The evidence behind the treatment of canine degenerative lumbosacral stenosis.
  123. Being answered: In dogs, is the oral administration of garlic, compared to no treatment, efficacious at preventing or reducing parasitism by fleas?
  124. Being answered: In cats and dogs with traumatic diaphragmatic rupture, does surgical timing affect outcome?
  125. Answer me: In dogs with aural haematoma does draining and injecting corticosteroids reduce the risk of recurrance compared to draining alone?
  126. Answer me: In dogs with inflammatory respiratory conditions does the use of NSAIDS reduce the severity of the respiratory clinical signs when compared to no NSAID intervention?
  127. Answer me: In bitches which have undergone a Cesarean section does oral medication with meloxicam increase the risk of of side effects in the bitch or puppies when compared to other analgesics?
  128. Answer me: In dogs under going elective procedures using general anaesthesia does the use of mededtomidine during pre-medication result in an increase in anaesthetic complication rates when compared to the use of ACP as a premeditation
  129. Being answered: Does Pheromone Base Therapy [PBT] reduce stress in dogs (Canis familiaris) in shelter environments?