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  1. Being answered: In dogs with haemorrhage gastroenteritis, is treatment with antimicrobial therapy plus supportive therapy superior to treatment with supportive therapy only, as measured by time to recovery?
  2. Being answered: In dogs with cervical pain, are glucocorticoids superior to NSAIDs in providing analgesia?
  3. Being answered: In dogs with haemorrhagic gastroenteritis, does the administration of an antibiotic [compared to no antibiotic] decrease the duration of the episode?
  4. Answer me: In dogs in status epilepticus, does application of benzodiazepines affect the prognosis as measured by mortality rate, when compared to post-seizure monitoring (may need example) alone?
  5. Answered: In Dogs With a European Adder Bite, Does the Use of Antivenom With Supportive Treatment Compared to Supportive Treatment Alone Improve Time to Recovery?
  6. Answer me: In dogs with visceral pain, is Butorphanol more effective than Buprenorphine or Hydromorphone in providing analgesia?
  7. Being answered: In dogs with infectious tracheobronchitis, does antibiotic therapy decrease time to resolution of clinical signs, when compared to antimicrobial chemotherapy?
  8. Answered: Does Adding Transdermal Nitroglycerine to Other Therapies Used for Management of Left-sided Congestive Heart Failure in Dogs Speed the Resolution of Clinical Signs?
  9. Answer me: In dogs with Methaldehyde intoxications, are benzodiazepines (such as diazepam or midazolam) more effective than Methocarbamol in relaxing muscles/reducing occurrence of seizures?
  10. Answer me: In dogs that have swallowed a sharp foreign body, is endoscopy effective in removing the object, in comparison to surgery?
  11. Answer me: In dogs with permethrin intoxication is Intralipid IVLE therapy or ClinOleic IVLE therapy more effective in reducing time to recovery?
  12. Being answered:In dogs with an adder bite, does antibiotic intervention reduce the incidence of wound infection, when compared to no antibiotic intervention?
  13. Being answered: In dogs with an adder bite, does the use of Penicillin (eg. Amoxicillin and Clavulanate) reduce the incidence of wound infection, when compared to cephalosporins?
  14. Being answered: In dogs with HGE, does the use of metronidazole, compared to no metronidazole shorten the time to recovery?
  15. Answer me: In dogs with distended anal glands does expressing glands versus not expressing glands reduce impaction and infection?
  16. Being answered: In dogs, is neutering pre-puberty superior to neutering post-puberty, in improving behaviour?
  17. Being answered: In canines with Kennel cough, does the use of anti-inflammatories, in comparison to absence of anti-inflammatories, shorten the time to recovery?
  18. Being answered: In dogs with a cruciate tear is medical treatment as effective as surgery in reducing time to recovery?
  19. Answer me: In dogs with a cutaneous mass does surgery or non surgical treatment give a better quality of life? 
  20. Answered: In dogs with periodontal disease is feeding a complete raw meat diet more effective than a complete kibble 'dental' diet at reducing periodontal disease? 
  21. Being answered: In dogs with arthritis are prescription NSAIDs more effective than aspirin in reducing clinical signs? 
  22. Being answered: In dogs with kennel cough does the use of antibiotics compared with no antibiotics reduce time to recovery?
  23. Answer me: In dogs with diarrhoea is metronidazole or bismuth subsalicylate more effective in reducing diarrhoea frequency and improving fecal score?
  24. Being answered: In dogs with hairy ear canals e g poodles does plucking or not plucking reduce the risk of bacterial infection /chronic otitis?
  25. Being answered: In dogs with blood in faeces does treatment with amoxicillin clavulanate versus no treatment reduce the number of clinical cases progressing to sepsis?
  26. Answer me: In dogs with gingivitis does daily brushing with human (gingivitis specific) toothpaste, compared to regular canine toothpaste, reduce clinical signs?
  27. Being answered: In dogs with arthritis which gives the greatest improvement in pain scores - controlled exercise OR weight loss?
  28. Being answered: In dogs with IBD-related diarrhoea is Budesonide more effective than prednisone in improving fecal score?
  29. Being answered: Do obese dogs make up a larger percentage of the veterinary caseload than lean dogs?
  30. Answer me: In dogs with acute tracheobronchitis does treatment with theophylline versus TMPS lead to a shorter time to cessation of coughing?
  31. Being answered: In canine fractures, is low level laser more effective than low-intensity pulsed ultrasound in improving radiographic bone healing time?
  32. Being answered: In dogs does feeding raw feed treats reduce or prevent Periodontal Disease
  33. Answered: In adult dogs, does feeding a raw food diet alter urine composition compared to a kibble diet?
  34. Being answered: In dogs with traumatic elbow luxation, does closed reduction and conservative management result in a better outcome than open reduction and surgical management?
  35. Being answered: Does teeth brushing and it's varying frequency reduce risk of periodontal disease in dogs?
  36. Being answered: In bitches, does spaying before 6 months of age compared to spaying at 6 months of age or older, increase the risk of cranial cruciate ligament rupture during their life?
  37. Being answered: In dogs with intervertebral disc disease, are nsaids a risk factor for developing gastritis?
  38. Being answered: In adult dogs, does feeding a homemade balanced diet improve the stool quality compared to feeding a commercial maintenance diet?
  39. Being answered: Are dogs with hairy ear canals compared to non hairy ear canals more likely to suffer from otitis externa?
  40. Being answered: In birthing bitches undergoing a caesarean does premedication with methadone compared to post procedural analgesic negatively affect suckling behaviour?
  41. Answered: In anxious dogs does the use of pressure vests compared to no pressure vests reduce the signs of anxiety/fear?
  42. Being answered: In dogs with generalised demodicosis, are isoxazolines as effective as a combined formulation of imidacloprid and moxidectin at reducing the severity of associated clinical signs?
  43. Being answered: Do dogs undergoing routine dental work under the same general anaesthetic as neutering incur more complications that dogs only being neutered?
  44. Answer me: In dogs with hemorrhagic gastroenteritis are prebiotics alone superior to prebiotics in combination with antibiotics?
  45. Being answered: In stressed dogs  does the use of a Pet Remedy diffuser, compared to not using one, result in lowered levels of stress?
  46. Being answered: In dogs suspected of having steroid responsive meningitis-arteritis (SRMA), how long should immunosuppressive monotherapy with steroids be undertaken in order to achieve clinical resolution without relapse of clinical signs?

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