Production Animal

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Production animal

  1. Answered: In dairy cow management do sand or composted bedding compared with rubber matting result in fewer disease incidence consequences?
  2. Answer me: In dairy herds, do live IBR vaccine protocols provide the same or greater protection than killed IBR vaccine protocols?
  3. Being answered: In neonatal dairy calves, does navel disinfection reduce the incidence of navel infections?
  4. Answer me: In neonatal lambs, does navel disinfection reduce the incidence of navel infections?
  5. Being answered: In cows with foul in the foot, does topical antimicrobial therapy in addition to systemic antimicrobial therapy resolve the condition faster than systemic antimicrobials a lone.
  6. Answer me: In the early detection of pregnancy in cows, what is the relative specificity and sensitivity of per rectal examination and the pregnancy specific protein B blood test?
  7. Being answered: In sheep exposed to caseous lyphadenitis what is the reduction in the risk of clinical disease in vaccinated sheep when compared to unvaccinated sheep?
  8. Answer me: In calves undergoing disbudding with local anesthetic, do NSAIDS administered at the time of the procedure reduce signs of post-operative pain?
  9. Answer me: In ruminant, are oral NSAIDS as effective as injectable NSAIDS
  10. Answer me: In adult dairy cows with ovarian follicular cysts, does treatment with gonadotropin releasing hormone compared to human chorionic gonadotropin result in more rapid return to normal cyclicity?
  11. Answer me: In cows with a left sided displaced abomasum, is there a difference in clinical outcomes when a right sided approach is compared to a left sided approach
  12. Answer me: In beef cattle affected with Actinobacillus lignieresii (woody tongue) does treatment with sodium iodide alone compared to sodium iodide plus oxytetracycline result in faster resolution of clinical signs?
  13. Answer me: In post-parturient cows, with obturator nerve paralysis, does treatment with dexamethasone and flunixin meglumine result in faster return to function (weight bearing and ambulatory) than treatment with dexamethasone alone?
  14. Answer me: In adult cattle with osteoarthritis, does treatment with an NSAID more effectively reduce lameness as measured by a clinical score of 1-5 better than glycosaminoglycan?
  15. Being answered: In newborn piglets does drying versus no intervention reduce the risk of mortality pre-weaning?
  16. Being answered: What is the evidence for intra-peritoneal fluid therapy of dehydration in neonatal calves?
  17. Answered: What are the performance and behavioural effects of separating dairy cows and their calves at birth?
  18. Being answered: Is scrotal circumference in cattle of benefit in selecting fertile/more fertile heifer offspring?
  19. Answered: Does heat stress affect immune function in dairy cows?
  20. Answered: In dairy cows with clinical mastitis do parenteral antibiotics in addition to intramammary antibiotics improve clinical cure rates compared to intramammary antibiotics only?
  21. Being answered: What are the production effects of varying Age at First Calving in dairy cows?